What’s My Ripple Effect?

Docent Prodigy recently had the opportunity to sponsor and attend TEDx Charleston. This event features several speakers from the area who are making an impact on the community and inspiring others to do the same.
This got me thinking: What’s my ripple effect? How is my business contributing to my community? For each service that we offer, I thought about how each one makes an impact on an individual or an organization and here’s what I came up with:

Commercial Photography: This service is mostly used by small businesses who need photos for their marketing, whether it’s their website or print advertising. It includes still photographs of products, storefront locations and the people that own the businesses. What the business owner gets is a visual that helps draw in customers, which in turn helps their business grow…and helps pay their mortgage or send their child to life-enriching activities. The domino effect here could just go on and on.

Commercial Videography: Much like Commercial Photography, Commercial Videography is used by businesses to tell their story, sell a product, or introduce a new business to a particular audience. Most of the commercial videos we’ve produced have been for businesses who wanted to create an emotional connection with their audience.

Events: This photography service is used mostly by corporations and non-profits. For corporations, it’s usually about documenting the event and boosting employee morale…or having photos to send to news agencies, helping create awareness for their company. For non-profits, the goal is usually to document a fundraising event, creating visuals to use to promote next year’s fundraiser. This impact can trickle down to the tiniest of babies to the mother of three suffering from breast cancer.

Weddings: For weddings, we provide photography and videography. We have attended a number of weddings and been amazed at the love we see! We are there to document one of the most important days of one’s adult life. They’re able to share a video with those who couldn’t make it to the wedding, and the photographs will always be a reminder of the love they share.

Portraits: This is an individual and family service that we provide. We’ve done portraits for business professionals that needed photos to use for their social media and portraits for children whose parents wanted capture a particular milestone of their lives. Memories are frozen in a single photograph that can be passed on for generations. Imagine how you feel when looking through old photo albums of your parents and grandparents before you existed.

So THAT’S the ripple effect that Docent Prodigy creates through our services! What we do does more than just pay the bills. It continues to help us contribute to our community everyday.
To see examples of our work, visit https://docentprodigy.com