You have an idea. You have a new product. You're launching a new business. From explainer videos to video testimonials, the world needs to hear about you! Docent Prodigy will work with you to take your ideas from your brain to the big screen...or a youtube link.


On your project day, Docent Prodigy's team will show up to your business (always on time unless there's an alien invasion or something like that) and capture what you want to show the world. We have access to all the gear to make your business or product stand out to a sea of clients. On his off days, Jason writes cheesy jokes to share with on-camera talent to make them feel at ease during the shoot.


Now it's time to craft a compelling story about your business. Scripts are helpful but not required. Sometimes just an outline of content is all Docent Prodigy needs to create a powerful video. Let's get to shooting!


Many times, Docent Prodigy can have your video ready to approve within a few days (unless the zombie apocalypse starts). Final videos are delivered quickly upon approval and files are prepared so they're ready to be uploaded to social media and youtube.


*Disclaimer: While Docent Prodigy can't guarantee the ultimate success of your business or product, we do know that your video will get attention. Past clients have been known to say things like "Holy wow, those are so good!" and "I can't wait to work with you again!".