Erica Bennett

Voice of Reason, Business Manager

When you call or email Docent Prodigy, you're probably going to get a reply from Erica. Her job is to sit in front of her computer, answering emails, sending off proposals, collecting invoices, and refreshing Facebook all day. In her free time, she enjoys a good game of Angry Birds and boxing. She also acts as the voice of reason, often fending off ridiculous gear requests from Jason.


Jason Bennett

Visionary, Camera Manager

After you've booked your session or project day, Jason shows up on time with a whole lotta gear to get the job done. He'll crack cheesy jokes and don't even think of using the same words that might be in a song, 'cause then he'll start singing. Jason splits most of his time between using his camera and dreaming about cameras. When he's not out shooting, he's logged onto youtube, watching tutorial videos on things that shoot.