You need updated headshots for your social media profiles and your Tinder profile isn't getting enough swipes. Then to top it all off, your company's web designer wants a current photo of you for their website.


As creatives, one of our favorite things to do is unique portraits that capture the personality of each subject. We've done everything from superimpose our own family onto a game board to hanging a toddler over a balcony using Christmas lights.


Most headshot sessions result in 5-10 final photos and can be approved on-site. Basic editing is included, but we doubt you'll need any complex edits. *wink wink* We typically deliver the photos within 24 hours and they're yours to use as you wish.


Of course you want to know..."how much is this going to cost me?!". Our rates for basic headshots start at $225 for sessions at our in-home studio and $275 if we come to you. Portraits are quoted on a per project basis, as everyone's creative portrait will have different demands of time and resources.