What My Dog Has Taught Me About Business

We will stray from the usual video production posts with a post about what my dog has taught me about running my business.

In March, I logged onto craigslist, just to see if there were any dogs out there that I just couldn’t resist.  That’s where I found a house-trained 4 month old yellow lab.  FREE to a good home.  If you remember a few posts ago, that’s my favorite four-letter word!  Don’t worry.  I took what I would have spent to get him and repurposed that money into toys and treats!  He came into our house and quickly made a place for himself in our home and our hearts.  And this is what he has taught me so far:

It’s ok if you don’t make the leap into the back of the car. We have an SUV, so it took some growing before Craig was able to make the high jump into the back.  But he always tried.  As business owners, sometimes we have some growing to do before we can reach the top.  And you might have to fall on your face a few times.  But never stop trying.

Play in mud puddles. What good is owning your own business if you can’t have fun?

Dig. To get to the root of a clients’ needs, you have to dig.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Wait for the good food. Every night, right before I cook dinner, I give Craig his food.  He usually doesn’t eat it immediately.  Instead, he sits patiently while I grate the cheese, or cut the veggies, just to make sure I won’t give in.  Sometimes I do.  Patience can bring great rewards.

Do every trick you know to get the treat. When we do treat time, Craig has to do tricks.  Sometimes, he does them all at once, in a row, and with great enthusiasm.  Go above and beyond to keep your clients happy.  They will reward you.

Be loyal. Loyalty is the gift that keeps on giving.  Be loyal to your clients and they will appreciate it and always tell others.

Keep going back for more. Sometimes the dogs at the dog park just don’t want to play with Craig.  He will leave them alone for a while and then go back just to check in.  They may have changed their minds.  Always check in with your potential clients.  You never know when they may change their mind and want to play.

Chase the ducks, even if they fly away. Craig loves to chase ducks.  But he lacks the one thing needed to catch them: wings.  Persistence is a virtue.  There will always be challenges, but never give up.

Now, what has YOUR dog taught you?