Vlogging: Creating a Quality Video Blog

Vlog – a video form of blogging

The idea of vlogging can be intimidating.  It can be time-consuming and frustrating if you are unfamiliar with the tricks of the trade.  Here are some things to think about and ask yourself before you start vlogging.

  1. What kind of computer do you have?  Mac, PC?
  2. Do you have a compatible camera?  Compatibility matters across the board, from your camera, to your editing software.
  3. Are you going to use a web cam or a handheld camcorder?
  4. Can you easily transfer the video from the camera to your computer?
  5. Will you need to edit the video?
  6. Where will you upload to?  Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo?
  7. Do you know the best file formats to use to maximize quality on these sites?

Shooting. The room must be well lit, and the camera should be on a tripod if using a camcorder.  You must be able to see yourself in order to set the shot.  For better audio quality, you should use a microphone, which means your camera should have a microphone input.  Don’t make the video too long.  Most people won’t sit through a 3 minute video.

Recording. This is probably the easiest part of the process.  If you mess up, start over.  One clean take can save you time in the editing process.

Editing. You have to be able to get the video from your camera to your computer.  The process varies depending on what kind of camera you have.  Most cameras come with software that guides you through this process.  Depending on the editing software you are using, some conversion may be necessary if you are using a hard disk camcorder.  This is the process that can get really frustrating really fast.  There are so many variables, and a lot of people don’t have the exact same setup as someone else, so it can be difficult to troubleshoot.  You also may want to add your logo or website information to the video.

Uploading to the web. Your finished file usually has to be small.  All of the video sharing sites have their limits.  They also have different file formats that they will accept.  If you don’t get the right settings regarding file format and file size, you risk the quality of your video.


There are tons of resources out there on how to start vlogging.  But remember that everyone has different computers, different cameras, and different editing software programs.

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