Shoot the Moon – But Don’t Get Arrested!

Last night, while taking spur of the moment shots of the moon in the front yard, photographer, Jason Bennett used a night photography technique that sets off a series of flashes from the camera. We were sitting in the newly remodeled garage cave (that we keep open some nights) when our dog, Craig started barking at something in the street. I looked out and noticed a police car strolling down our road.

I saw the police car turn around and instructed Craig to calm down. We thought maybe the officer was doing a routine patrol and were grateful. We live in a great neighborhood, but you can never be too safe.

But when he stopped in front of our house and asked us if we had placed a call, we were a bit alarmed. He asked what our house number was and then realized the call had come from the neighbors…who had seen “flashing lights”.

I said, “Oh! My husband’s a photographer and he was taking a picture of THAT”, pointing to the beautiful moon behind the officer. Luckily, the sky was lit up with the bright moon and the officer just laughed. He was probably disappointed that we had an explanation that didn’t involve UFOs or peeping toms…that this was his most exciting moment of the evening.

This, however, was a very exciting moment in our evening…but more exciting were the photos that came out of the experience.