I Shot My Husband (with a camera)

I own a photography and video production business with my husband. We both play our own roles and if you read our ABOUT US page, you’ll see that Jason is the “Visionary” and I’m his “Voice of Reason”. What that really means is when a new camera toy hits the market and Jason feels it would “benefit the daily business operations”, I am the person that says “No, it won’t”.

Recently, I decided that it would be reasonable if Jason had professional head shots done. Only problem with that– HE’S the “photographer”. For this photo shoot, he would have to trust me, the Voice of Reason, to act as the Visionary and recreate the same magic that he captures when he points and shoots.

Amazingly, Jason was able to tell me from memory what ISO/F-stop/shutter speed combination to dial in on a prime lens to be able to get the same shot as the lens he had in his hands.