Docent Prodigy: Too busy to celebrate…

Last month was Docent~Prodigy’s one year anniversary.  We were so busy that we forgot to celebrate.  I think being so busy that we couldn’t celebrate is a blessing and something to celebrate on its own.  When we officially established Docent~Prodigy last June, we had no idea that the first year in business would be as successful as it has been.  Everyone says that the first year of owning your own business is the toughest.  Throw in a recession and you would think starting a business would be a bad idea.  We count our blessings everyday and are looking forward to year two!

It is amazing how a business grows and how the people you surround yourself with contribute to that growth.  A former co-worker and I teamed up on several projects at the end of 2009, which led to several other projects in 2010.  A great partnership with the Center for Women has opened many doors and networking on Facebook and Twitter has not only been fun, but beneficial.

It hasn’t been all roses and butterflies, though.  Adjusting to a lifestyle as an entrepreneur takes planning, budgeting, and time management.  There are times when I still don’t feel like I have the hang of it.  I am learning to always think ten steps ahead of the client, in order to make their experience with us as pleasant as possible.  I am learning to balance a budget and prioritize business purchases…separating the needs from the wants.  No, we do not “need” the supercalifraggalicious tripod…we “want” it.  The super-duper tripod is what we “need”.  I am learning the value of intangible “needs” as well as the value of going into a project with the right tools.

Docent~Prodigy would like to send a big thank you to all who made our first year so wonderful…from the fellow entrepreneurs with the lessons they shared to the clients that took a chance on us.

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