Professional Video Production vs. DIY

Consumer camcorders, simple editing programs, and YouTube have turned anyone and everyone into a video producer.  It doesn’t matter if the person holding the camera has a horrible center of balance, or the person editing can only find the star and heart wipes in the effects bin.

Online video is king and anyone can produce it and post it.

But when is it better to have a professionally produced video?  Sure, there are times when a business can get away with self-produced videos.  But there are some projects that should be left to the pros.

DIY works well if the object is to have fun.  However, if your goal for the video is to capture an audience’s attention and influence people to buy your product or use your services, use caution.  To successfully influence an audience takes a great script, superior shooting, awesome direction and great editing skills.  With the influx of high dollar films and million dollar commercials, the standards of your audience have gone way up.

When you hire Docent~Prodigy, for example, you get the education and experience of a writer, a director, a producer, a videographer, a graphic designer, an editor, and a marketing coordinator.  Your audience may not realize the work it took to produce a quality video but they will appreciate the fact that you cared enough to do it right.  Remember, presentation is half the meal:  No matter how tasty, if the food doesn’t look good, no one will eat it.