Commercial Video Production – Say It Once

How many times have you had to explain what you do?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just say it once in a video?  Some businesses provide services that are very valuable, but hard for the average joe to understand.  For example, health insurance companies are now using the power of video to explain things like PPOs, HMOs, EOBs, Copays, Deductibles and a myriad of other things that clients find overwhelming.  Clients can find the answers to their questions in the videos without having to place a call, which saves time for both you and the client.

As a business owner, you have made every effort to make your customers and clients feel comfortable.  What if you could tell them, before they call, how you do what you do?   That would be a great way to ease a potential client’s anxiety.

You also increase the odds of turning the “potential client” into a “client” because your video has convinced them that your services will help them.  There are many business owners that provide a very valuable service, but can’t seem to close the deal.  If you are finding it easy to get the call, or get traffic to your website, but difficult to close the deal, then video is for you.

Video for your business can save time, make the potential client less anxious about the call, and help close the deal.