Commercial Video Production – It Pays For Itself

In this day and age, you can’t afford not to.

Every major network has done it.  Miss that episode of Desperate Housewives?  You can sit in front of your computer and watch it.  Miss a big news story because you were too busy sleeping during the morning news?  Just log on.

You can do everything from watch your grandchildren from a thousand miles away grow up via Youtube to view a product in action before you buy it.

And it’s all because someone had the brilliant idea of posting a video on the internet.  We won’t even talk about the video you can watch in the palm of your hand.

So, think about it.  How many hits does your website get a day?  10…20…1000?  Let’s start with the lowest number.  Your website gets 10 hits a day.  You put up an incredibly entertaining video pertaining to your business and/or services.  Those 10 people will want to show someone else that video—it’s viral and it’s been proven. Let’s say they tell at least two other people.  You now have 30 people flock to your site in the same amount of time it takes for those 10 people to copy and paste the link into an email.

Now let’s say you paid $400 for that video.  That’s $13 per person that just came to your site.  And while you were pulling out your calculator, those 30 people just told 60 more people to check out your video.  Your investment just became 23 cents per person.

The moral of the story is:  adding video to your website is worth every penny.  Let’s say that out of those 90 people, only half visit your store or call you.  If those 45 people buy one $10 item or pay you $10 for your services, you’ve just made your money back on the video, plus some.

Did we add your friends on Facebook to the grand total?  We didn’t?  Go ahead.   Figure out how many friends you have and do the math.  If you have the time, go see how many friends your friends have and add those numbers.  The potential exponential numbers can be astounding.  And when you apply it to your bottom line, it all starts to make sense.

Now that the numbers make sense, take a peek at your competitors’ sites.  If they have yet to implement video on their site, adding video to yours will make you stand out among your competitors.