Commercial Photography: Firefly Vodka Studios

The goal:
To create an image that reflects the heritage and relaxed atmosphere of the South Carolina Lowcountry while incorporating the client's product in a natural way.

The players:
The owners of Firefly vodka, Jim and Scott
Patrick Davis, singer songwriter
Brianna Rumble, Make-up artist
Chelsie Vance, Hair stylist
Erica Bennett, VALS (voice activated light stand, i.e. assistant)
Jason Bennett, photographer

The scene:
Southern traditional. Rocking chairs, mason jars, oak trees with moss and, of course, a great old truck.

The plan:
With only one speed light off camera in a soft box and a great sky, a fairly large depth of field was used so that most everything in the shot is crisp and sharp.

This shoot was incredibly fun and I credit preparation, location, and the comfort of the subjects in front of the camera to the success of this shoot.