Don’t Forget Your Camera

We decided to just get out of the house this weekend.  Though it was overcast and rain threatened, we loaded up the dog and off we went to a “new to us” dog park down the road.  I was reminded as we were walking out the door,  “Don’t forget to bring your camera”.   “Oh yeah!” I exclaimed, as I slapped my forehead like I coulda had a V-8.  So I picked a couple of lenses, grabbed the batteries that were charged, and off we went.

We watched dogs frolic, run, catch things that were thrown, splash in the mud, and play keep-away from kids just slightly bigger than they are.  Such fun was had by all and the owners of the Park (Sky Dogs Family Dog Park in Summerville, SC) were great… even gave us a “first-timers” tour so that we felt right at home.

Lesson:  Don’t forget your camera,  no matter what you have, be it a DSLR or a camera phone.  Stuff is gonna happen and you should capture it.