Behind The Scenes: Concept Photoshoot

There are many important things that go into preparing for a conceptual photoshoot. There’s location, costume, camera choice, lens choice, lighting plan, permissions, and participants. Oh, and once the photoshoot has wrapped there’s remembering to pack up the GoPro that was doing your behind the scenes time-lapse .

Here’s a quick video of the photoshoot we did with the band, American Murder. These great guys with a genuinely fun attitude let me convince them into a retro bowling alley/creepy vibe. The bowling alley represents vintage Americana and the 6 foot 5 inch”Rabbit” in the background is the nod to the ominous. Thus American Murder. Enjoy.

I was fortunate to have shot a magazine story on this property once before and was honored with a tour of this “bowling alley in the backyard”. Kerr and Garren, the owners, told me that Kerr’s father built this long cinder-block building specifically for the bowling alley and shuffleboard court back in the fifties. So when it was time to photograph the band, of course I made the phone call.

We decided to shoot this on a full frame Canon 5dMkIII using a 24-105 lens, a Canon AE-1 program 35mm with black and white film, and a Mamiya rb67 medium format film camera with Portra 400 color 120.

Apart from all the creative thinking, planning, packing, unpacking, mosquitos, finger-smashing-in-the-tripoding, redo’s, do-overs, and “hey, why don’t we’s”, there is the walking. Lots of walking. Enjoy the photos.

CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS:  American Murder Photo Gallery